Russell BartonHello my name is Russell Barton and i am a singer/songwriter, composer, audio engineer, and producer. I am sure that sounds like way too many hats to wear, but I can thank God for all of the abilities He has blessed me with, and the passion for making music that both encourages people and glorifies Jesus.

I spent several years with a gift of ¬†songwriting in my head and heart without any knowledge or direction about how to get it from the paper to the CD. Sure I could sing it, but the real issue was knowing who could record and publish it, not to mention that I probably couldn’t have afforded the studio time.

Lets face it, the music industry of the past has been full of secrets and mysteries when it comes to coughing up knowledge about how to get your heart felt music out to the world. Therefore, I have a burden to help other artists, musicians, and songwriters in their endeavors to get their music published so it can begin the work of blessing those that need to hear it. My hopes are that I can be of service to you in producing your songs, connecting you with musicians if needed, and being a blessing and encouragement to you all through the process.

I must mention as well… Since it is God who has blessed me with this gift, it is God I will use this gift for. This doesn’t mean I will only produce Gospel/Christian songs, but it does mean that I won’t produce anything that destroys a persons character or offends the Holy Spirit which is at work in our lives.