Feb 172013

Katie PeltierKatie is a very gifted vocalist that has worked with some very significant people in Christian music such as; Gene Schmidt of CSMI Network, Producer Joe Beck, and well-known musician/songwriter Phil Keaggy.

Katie has expressed her passion for ministering through music, and has made herself available as a vocalist for my clients, as well as for bookings for performances. If you would like to contact Katie about her services for your upcoming project, you can fill out the contact form below to send her a message. Her press information can be viewed at Reverbnation.

I am the voice of a Military Spouse and I am a Mercy Ministries grad from 1998, I love to sing about life, love and faith and how all three have blessed me and have helped me to survive difficult times! I have a passion for our Military, and of course my very own Hero, my husband and what he has been through as a combat soldier during several tours, we take this on as a family and have a true hope to do more for the Military Family! I also have a passion for the hurting. Through Faith, Hope, and Love and as a Mercy Grad, I myself overcame a life of mental, physical, sexual abuse, addictions, and even homelessness as a child… I LOVE to sing and only don’t mind being in the spotlight because I KNOW that what God has brought me through and healed me from can bring hope to ANYONE & that no matter what they are going through that they can have hope too!!!!


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